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  • Lakai Footwear


Filmed and Edited by Boris Proust

Song / Crystal Fighters ‘Waves’


Jesus Fernandez
Gauthier Rouger

Karsten Kleppan
Victor Campillo

Bastien Nicollet
Pierre Hoarau

Akim Cherif
Brian Bunting

Noah Toro
Clement Bossard

Kim Conti
Alex Maison


Kelly Bird
Rick Howard

Mike Carroll
Jerome Valette

Mathieu Tourneur
Laurent Molinier

La Friche
Isabelle Pagniez

Jack Daniels
Additionnal Filming Victor Campillo

Bud Marseille

Flo Mirtain
Guillaume Colucci ( hdv )

Boris Proust ( mofoprod )
Charley Pascal ( sugar )


Lakai French Flare Tour | Lakai Footwear

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