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  • Daniel Policelli

Lakai - Return of the Flare - Daniel Policelli

(HD LINK – A remix of the entire Lakai team’s web footage from 2013-2017. A precursor to Lakai’s latest full-length video, “The Flare.”
Edit: Daniel Policelli – @danielpolicelli

0:01 – Mike Carroll
“Step To My Girl” – Souls of Mischief

3:56 – Stevie Perez
“Sweet Sensation” – The Melodians

7:51 – Rick Howard
“I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” – Elton John

10:59 – Sebo Walker
“I Ran (So Far Away)” – Flock of Seagulls

14:13 – Riley Hawk & Danny Brady
“They Love Each Other” – Grateful Dead

16:09 – Jon Sciano
“Fire On The Mountain” – Grateful Dead

18:43 – Johnny Jones, James Capps, & Griffin Gass
“Mama Said” – The Shirelles

20:44 – Yonnie Cruz
“Jano’s Revenge” – Los Sospechos

22:59 – Raven Tershy & Cody Chapman
“Juicy Fruit” – Mtume

26:52 – Rick McCrank
“Cinco De Mayo” & “Ballero” – WAR

32:27 – Jesus Fernandez
“Hang On To Your Love” – Sade

36:21 – Simon Bannerot
“Observatory Crest” – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

40:05 – Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco
“Spill the Wine” – Eric Burdon & War

44:36 – Vincent Alvarez
“Whayback” – The Artifacts


Cast: Daniel Policelli

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Lakai - Return of the Flare - Daniel Policelli

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