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  • Freeskatemag

Filmed and edited by Luc Mazières and PJ Chapuis.

Léo Cholet in Rave Skateboards' 'Family & Friends' | Freeskatemag

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Ruben Spelta's 'Astratto' part | Freeskatemag

Ruben Spelta’s ‘Astratto’ part | Freeskatemag

Freeskatemag – Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Filmed between Milan and Paris over the course of three weeks, ‘Astratto’ is a short video part capturing the silky smooth skateboarding of sexy Centrale local Ruben Spelta.  Filmed and edited by Hadrien Buhannic. Supported by adidas Skateboarding.
'OPLA' by Yoryo | Freeskatemag

‘OPLA’ by Yoryo | Freeskatemag

Freeskatemag – Okay I think we can officially stop calling Pedro, Brayan and stuff  ‘the MACBA kids’ now. For one they aren’t really kids anymore but more importantly the days of being stuck at that plaza filming instagram clips 24/7 are clearly long gone. Most of them had already started travelling and filming properly with Hélas but with Yoryo saving up and buying himself a HPX170 they’ve now got a real taste for going on missions and exploring the city. Anyway ‘OPLA’ is their first proper edit but expect a lot more fucked up ledge skating from these guys in the very near future… Featuring Pedro Attenborough, Brayan Albarenga, Mikel Vidal, Arnau Truque, Thomas Codina, Samuel Parrado, Pierre Leze and Pako Pion. Filmed and edited by Yoryo.

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