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  • Colin Read

Leo Gutman’s part from 2016’s Spirit Quest

Full video available for rental or purchase–all proceeds going to charity–at:

Leo Gutman - Spirit Quest | Colin Read

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Spirit Quest - trailer | Colin Read

Spirit Quest – trailer | Colin Read

Colin Read – SPIRIT QUEST. Out now! Buy the DVD here: Or buy or rent a digital version here: Spirit Quest. The new movie by Colin Read. A journey through nature, time, and space. Featuring Jimmy Lannon, Quim Cardona, Marty Murawski, Bobby Worrest, Zach Lyons, Jesse Narvaez, Vincent Touzery, Ryan Barlow, Matt Town, Leo Gutman, Taylor Nawrocki, Carlos Young, Alex Fogt, Chris Jones, Connor Kammerer, Hiroki Muraoka, and many more from around the world.
Tengu: God of Mischief - Subway Skating | Colin Read

Tengu: God of Mischief – Subway Skating | Colin Read

Colin Read – Buy TENGU now for $5, or rent it for $1.50! at The NYC subway skating section of Tengu: God of Mischief. A film by Colin Read. Original music–made entirely of subway sounds–by Jacob Ireland. Cover photo by Allen Ying. See more of his photos at

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