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Lios Mor: A video by fellow Cumbrian Alex Appleby who moved from Leeds to Glasgow in 2017. Since residing in Glasgow Alex has been filming constantly and has managed to produce a 10 minute belter of the video! Lios Mor was 99.5% filmed on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh (0.5% Manchester). Featuring: Ewen Bower, 3 old friends, Jack McCallum, Charlie Myatt, Daniel Nicholas, Alex Appleby, 2 scallys with a box of fireworks, Fiona the fish, a pint mirage, Shaun Allison, Graham Anderson, Adam Logan, Keith Allan, Rory Muirhead, Ross Zajac, Ben Kermode, Owen Godbert, Andy White, Ruari Britee-Steer, Aaron Wilmot, Tom Shimmin, a shedload of fitness fanatics and a very unfortunate pigeon.


Lios Mor | Vague Skate Mag

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PAVILION | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Al Hodgson is at it again with another belter of a video filmed with O.W.L. (Orwellian World Landscape) Skateboards affiliates and friends in the city of Brighton and Hove. Witness 12 minutes of VX goodness above once you’ve read his interview by Jono Coote which you can see here: Pavilion features the likes of Dougie George, Harrison Woolgar, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Cal Dawson, Henry Bailey, Ash Humphrey, Jimmy Silver, James Griffiths, JP Arnold, Josh Gislingham and more.
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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Isolated skateboarders from all over took on lonely missions during the 2020 lockdown (when it was safe to do so) to bring you the ISO-VAGUE Video. Many curbs, ledges, Maccies car parks and DIY spots got heavily sessioned to make this all possible. Big up to all of those water bottles out there used as iPhone tripods! Every part was filmed and edited by the skater themselves. Feast on 35 minutes of iso shredding above! The video features Joe Gavin, Remy Taveria, Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, James Cruickshank, Robbin de Wit, Tom van den Hoeven, Sam ‘Blinky’ Hutchinson, Charlie Munro, Mika Germond, Jiri Bulin, Jarne Verbruggen, Joel Banner, Matthew ‘Nev’ Nevitt, Barney Page, Laurence Keefe, Hiroki Muraoka, Shinpei Ueno, Manny Lopez, Dylan Hughes, Phil Marshall, Casey Foley, Greg Conroy and Josh Cox as well as appearances from Jeremy Jones, Tristan Rudman, Jay Stone, Jan Maarten Sneep, Ziggy Schaap, Justin Wagener, Seimi Miyahara, Phoenix Luke, James Griffiths, Zane Crowther, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Maru, Joe O’Donnell, Koichiro Uehara, Tom Fox, Yuzo Kudo, Louie Edison, Tomohiro Ueno, Chris Maddox, Vincent Bakker and many more. Video Introduction produced, directed and edited by: Josh Cox I do not own any of the soundtrack, property and rights for audio go to the artists. Music: Call On Me Eric Prydz Dirty (Check me Out) Jehst Something About Us Daft Punk Summertime Miles Davis Lonesome Town (Remastered 2005) Ricky Nelson Brown Skin Woman KRS-One The Shrine / An Argument Fleet Foxes Saturday Night Schoolly D Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place Wonderful Life (Alternate Version) Black Pink Moon Nick Drake Chifundo WITCH

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