Published on April 27, 2018 by

Videography by Jesse Loutitt

Feat. Jon Connolly, Byron Ready, Colin Findlater, Sam Fidlin, David Hnatiuk

Some clips from the past month while in Ontario


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VX - 416 - 2016 - VXYVR

VX – 416 – 2016 – VXYVR

VXYVR – Filmed & Edited by Jesse Loutitt Additional Filming by Trent Krueger Song : Never Let Me Down Again – Depeche Mode In Order of Appearance : Jon Cosentino Kong Malcolm Emilio Griffin Kirby Chris Shannon Dillon Moore Heshy Tyjae Armstrong Rylan Shaver Beaster Zach Noftall 2016©
Desmond Hoostie : High Hopes B-Roll - VXYVR

Desmond Hoostie : High Hopes B-Roll – VXYVR

VXYVR – Additional Filming : Dakota Allison

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