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MAGNUS | Chris Mulhern

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"15th & JFK" - Sub Zero | Chris Mulhern

"15th & JFK" – Sub Zero | Chris Mulhern

Sub Zero’s “Real Life” video premiered 25 years ago today. Ricky Oyola talks about the filming and editing process in 1994 with Dan Wolfe, Fred Gall, Matt Reason and Sergei Trudnowski.Cast: Chris MulhernTags: Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola, Fred Gall, Philadelphia, Sergei Trudnowski, LOVE Park, Sub Zero and Real Life
Magenta x CASTE - Part 01 | Chris Mulhern

Magenta x CASTE – Part 01 | Chris Mulhern

Part 01 of CASTE’s collaborative project focusing on the history, perspectives and approach surrounding the identity of France based, Magenta Skateboards. During travels to Paris, Bordeaux and San Francisco over the past year, Magenta’s Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Ben Gore and Yoan Taillandier have helped illustrate the ideas that embody a brand pushing in their own direction.Cast: Chris MulhernTags: Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Magenta, Soy Panday, Jimmy Lannon, Ben Gore, Chris Mulhern, Yoan Taillandier, Bordeaux, San Francisco and Paris

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