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We’re proud to present “Mainland Roaming” a Geoff Campbell video documenting a recent sojourn through the South Island.

Featuring Hootie Andrewes, Digby Luxton, Matt Beck, Logan Moodie, Andrew Pope, Jon Fitzgerald, Jarrad Carlin, Cade Wilson-Russ, Geoff Campbell, Edwin Massold, Jack Fagan, Jack Byrne, Jordan McStay, Jack Dargan, Roscoe Moore, Tu Grace, Pj Wybrow and Nick Knisel.

Pick up a copy of Manual #61 for the full feature article, available here:

Manual Magazine Presents: Mainland Roaming | Manual Magazine

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Manual Magazine – New teaser for the Wellington Bowl-a-rama, Saturday Feb 14th, 2009.
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Irrom Crew in the Helensville Ghetto | Manual Magazine

Manual Magazine – The boys from Irrom hit up Helensville for a demo a few weeks back and discovered this super skateable and uber ghetto abandoned building site. A few days later they returned for the full shesh. Filmed by Bill Bycroft.

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