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  • Tyrone Olson

Yesterday @jorgevoodoo @dee_jay34 and & I hit up the @tstreetditchofficial In Riverside. Music by @Voodoo Glow Skulls Official #diyspot #skateboardingisfun #riverside #tclips #scarredkrew #voodooglowskulls #scarredskateboards

May 16, 2021 | Tyrone Olson

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Sunday funday TCLIPS 2020 | Tyrone Olson

Sunday funday TCLIPS 2020 | Tyrone Olson

Tyrone Olson – Yesterday in the streets of San Diego was wild. We witnessed 2 guys running out of the emergency exit at a @99centsonly with baskets of stuff and jumped into a truck and took off. Then 5 mins later, this dude drives by with a 40oz in his lap, talking shit to @dadunnage for no reason. Then he gets out of his car like he was going to do something. Me and the #scarredkrew was not having it. 10 mins later down the street @dee_jay34 @thoro1 @mike_g_photo @dadunnage watch 3 people run out of a @7eleven with a bunch of stuff. This coronavirus pandemic got people going crazy and robbing stores. Anyways, we all have some saved clips for the first Scarred skateboarding video “SCARRED FOR LIFE” #sandiegoskateboarding #tclips #coronaviruspandemic #pettytheft #drinksanddriving #savebangers #skateboarding #thesteets #roughnecksoldier #orginalgangster #peolearegoingcray ‍♂️
July 1, 2020 | Tyrone Olson

July 1, 2020 | Tyrone Olson

Tyrone Olson – ROLLING FOR RIGHTS 2020

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