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Sebastiaan Vijverberg was appointed Dutch TM for Vans a few years ago and as you can tell from this new Ziggy Schaap clip: he’s been doing a damn good job. 

Memories features Bram Schlangen, Lex van der Does, Nick Bax, Bert Roeterdink, Marc Haan and of course Sebastiaan Vijverberg.

Memories by Ziggy Schaap | Freeskatemag

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Max Palmer ‘Year Of The Rat’ Part | Freeskatemag

Freeskatemag – For this Year Of The Rat video part Max and his brother Chuck (aka Anonymous Elder) decided to create a custom soundtrack rather than just finding a preexisting song and editing the skating to it. Looking at Max’s footage they picked a few beats that Chuck had made over the years and created a sound design that would weave in and out of the tracks, using pre-recorded sounds as well as bits from some of the actual skate clips. The result is pretty weird and unpredictable but also quite hypnotising. Kind of like Max’s skating really… Customised soundtrack includes tracks : Sergeant Assume, Strawberry Jam, and Don’t Slip Banana Music and Sound Design: Chuck Palmer aka Anonymous Elder Recorded, Produced and Mixed at Frontside 180 Studios Additional Music Editing: Max Palmer Additional Music on Sergeant Assume: Arian Saleh Frontside noselide, Atlanta. Photo: Jonathan Mehring.
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