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“First you get the brewsky, then you get the bread, then you get the vodka,” is what Chris Pfanner said this past June in Moscow. Bread in this case meaning clips and photos… It was beer if you were thirsty and vodka to celebrate… That’s pretty much how it went down this past summer when the Vans Europe crew headed to the Russian capital for two weeks. After Pfannman made sure everyone had their Russian visas in order, the crew assembled in Moscow on June 21, Go Skateboarding Day. Max Pack and Romain Batard were on hand to film, Davy Van Laere was there shooting photos and the crew was large! We’re talking a big crew of Europeans (and one American) consisting of Daniel Lutheran, Victor Pellegrin, Axel Cruysberghs, Yeelen Moens, Albert Nyberg, Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, Kalle Wiehn, Josh Young, Thanos Panou and Pepe Tirelli all flown in and of course the Russian locals Kirill Korobkov, Roma Ivanov, Alex Krasniy, Boss, Vova Pavlov, Eugene Nikolaev and others were on hand to share all the amazing new Moscow spots (many built in the past 4-5 years due to the 2018 World Cup). And of course the crew got that bread! It was like a bread factory… Edited by Paul Labadie (who would have been on the trip also had it not been for the birth of his new daughter) and packed with excitement is “Mockba Life”. So sit back, grab some vodka and enjoy.

Mockba Life | Freeskatemag

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