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  • Monster Children

We hung out with the adidas Skateboarding team in Tokyo, Japan during the Skate Copa Classics event and rolled around the streets with Alex Majerus, Silas Baxter Neal, Dan Mancina, Diego Najera, Dennis Durrant, Jake Donnelly, Frankie Spears, Brad Saunders, Shin Sanbongi and Kento Yoshioka.

Filmed, Directed and edited by Michael Cukr

Produced by Kevin Duffel.

Photography by Andrew James Peters

Special Thanks to Kerry Fisher, Glenn Walker, Paul Shier, Laurence Keefe, Shin Sanbongi.

Music: Corbo, Six Finger Hand and Daichi Yamamoto

Monster Children & adidas Skateboarding Present: Temptation Suppression | Monster Children

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