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My City - Montevideo, Uruguay - Federico Rossotti | Volcom Skate - Volcom

My City – Montevideo, Uruguay – Federico Rossotti | Volcom…

Volcom – Learn more: In Episode 5 of My City we visit Federico Rossotti from Montevideo, the capital of the South American country of Uruguay. My City is a Volcom video series showcasing the Latin American Skate Team as they take us through their hometowns, showing us where they grew up skating and what struggles they had to overcome along the way. More episodes on the way! EPISODE 1: Bogota, Colombia – Jhancarlos Gonzalez EPISODE 2: Santiago, Chile – Jesus Munoz EPISODE 3: Heredia, Costa Rica – Kervin Miranda EPISODE 4: ABC, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Giovanni Vianna MUSIC: Spelljammer – “Mountainside” Courtesy of Riding Easy Records Residual Kid – “Lightspeed” Warner Bros Courtesy of Volcom Entertainment PRODUCED BY: Diego Espinoza & Gunther Estrada FILMED BY: Facundo Gomez Emilio Dufour Mauricio Carreno EDITED BY: Doceseis FOLLOW THE STONE… Instagram: @volcomskate @volcomlatam @volcom Snapchat: Facebook: Twitter:
Volcom Back to School - Volcom

Volcom Back to School – Volcom

Volcom – Credit : Martin Vadet Going back to school is always a drag, after countless hours out in the sun with total freedom to do whatever you want. We figured we could do the transition from freedom to boredom easier for the kids and reached out to the guys at Oslo Skatepark. They were stoked to do something so we gathered a bunch of prizes, food & drinks and invited everyone to come and have fun. The local team boys, Mats Hatlem and Marcus Vik were the judges for the day. We did the contest in the contest in an untraditional jam format which is always fun. The kids totally destroyed the park and we got to see a lot of NBD`s. During the finals in both divisions the crowd was going wild and the park was torn to bits. After the finals we did a best trick contest, which was crazy. Gabriel Bjørsvik won with a BS 360 kickflip over the rail. They guys from Session came by to fire up the BBQ, free food for everyone! Thanks to everyone that came out, GoPro, Spitfire, Etnies, Independent, Session, Oslo Skatehall, Stian, Petter, Mats, Marcus, Amin, Brox, Oslo skateforening. See you next year! Results: Juniors: Ask Filling Jan Bjørneboe Johannes Taklo Teodor Skogen Christian Locket Seniors: Fredrik Tangerud Gabriel Bjørsvik Øyvind Svendsen Ole Johan Edvartsen Vi Duc Troung Best trick: Gabriel Bjørsvik, BS 360 kickflip over the rail.

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