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The New House - Chris Chann

The New House – Chris Chann

christopherchann – What this video entails is a series of very foul and unfunny pranks which eventually lead to the loss of one of our friends. We hope that you have learned that it’s not “just a prank, bro”. Welcome to the new house. Special thanks to Tuft and Needle for assisting us with our sleep by sending us their awesome product. ( I would have bought your product regardless) Check them out. ———————————————————————— Stalk me for more moist content: ————————————————————————
SEASON 2 - Chris Chann

SEASON 2 – Chris Chann

christopherchann – Thank you to everyone who had my back during this whole monetization crisis, Love you. Stay Tuned Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Casey Neistat @caseyneistat “The Tonight Show Starring Chris Chann” by Barry Sobel @Cartoon03_ Filmed by Ryan Chann & J’aime Luis Directed by J’aime Luis @realjaimeluis @rchann Bottom of the description secret society __________________________________________________________________ This whole thing showed me how precious this whole youtube thing is. It can be taken away at any moment, and won’t last forever. We wanted to make a skit about a real situation. We wanted it to be ridiculous and funny, but we also wanted it to feel real, because it was real situation. The amount of support I got from you guys during this was absolutely insane. I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart, love Chris.

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