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Barnsley’s most productive and maximum purveyor of style Myles Rushforth has yet another banger of a part out through Baghead Crew’s latest full length feature ‘FUNERAL’ (cameo from fellow Barnsley head Jack Heckleton). Secret best mates, Forde Brookefield and Myles have been terrorising the streets in the politest, but still gnarly like the guy who kicks the shit out of someone (for being misogynistic say) and the fruits of the labour are delectable. Find us anyone who can find this many spots in the depths of Yorkshire and proceed to destroy them and we’ll buy you a pint.

Watch above then anticipate more parts dropping soon. However we urge you to purchase the whole thing on collectable DVD here: as it most definitely deserves physical copy appreciation.

Myles Rushforth.- FUNERAL Part | Vague Skate Mag

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Vague Skate Mag – SUBSCRIBE to Vague here: We’re proud to present: ‘WHEN LEAST EXPECTED’, a mini-documentary by Markus Bengtsson made possible by CHPO Brand and Make Life Skate Life. In July 2021 work was completed on Beirut’s first public skatepark by Make Life Skate Life and a crew of volunteers. In October CHPO Brand, as one of the co-funders, paid a visit and, with Snoubar Skatepark as a base, explored the city streets, spoke to local skaters and attempted to ascertain where skateboarding slotted into the social milieu of a country racked by sectarian tensions and an economy in freefall. A story quickly emerged of human resilience and the positive long term impact skateboarding can have on a community, bridging as it does social and cultural barriers. This documentary shows a small portion of those skaters who took the time to speak with us, skate with us and help us make some sense of an inherently messy political and economic situation. Shukran Beirut, and everyone that showed us such incredible hospitality. Featuring: Helena Long, Rem Taha, Mike Richard, Ahmad Bershalle, Nour Merhi, Arne Hillerns, Mahmoud Chanati, Samer Nuwayhid, Shield, Ali Barakat and our very own Jono Coote who wrote the Issue 24 article, read it online here: Filmed & Edited by: Markus Bengtsson Markus Bengtsson thanks: Make Life Skate Life, CHPO Brand, Vague Skate Mag, Hyper Market, Big Ray, Mike Richard, Johanna Åkerström + Viktor Telégin — VAGUE Site: VAGUE Insta: VAGUE Shop: CHPO Brand Site: Make Life Skate Life Site:
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