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Our new Skate School is under construction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as you can see here in this animation created by Building Trust International.This new location for the Skate School, which will open early 2018, will better serve the needs of local children in the city and will consist of a skatepark, classroom and office space.

The Skate School is under construction at Factory Phnom Penh, a new creative space in the city. Built in partnership with Building Trust International and architects at AtelierCOLE, it also has input from Skateistan staff and students, as well as the local skate community. New Line Skateparks, who built Skateistan’s skate infrastructure in Johannesburg, will head over to Phnom Penh in November to build the new features for the Skate School and at select Outreach locations.

In support of the construction of this new Skateistan Skate School, the Skateroom will donate 20% of profits from the sales of all Grayson Perry decks and 10% of the profits of the Andy Warhol “Flowers” edition with the aim of raising 34,000 USD to fund the build.

New Skateistan Skate School in Phnom Penh (animation) - Skateistan

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