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Arrow & Beast ‘Le Mongre’:

Thunder X Pawnshop Collab:

‘Kenny Anderson Is A Drugdealer’:

Nike SB Australia ‘Disc’:

Lakai Vincent Alvarez Atlantic:

Artform ‘Hard to Earn’:

adidas Tyshawn Jones Commercial:

NEWS BREAK: 07.21.19 | Skate Newswire

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NEWS BREAK: 10.12.19 | Skate Newswire

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Mission Statment Episode 15: Taji Ameen | Skate Newswire

Mission Statment Episode 15: Taji Ameen | Skate Newswire

Skate Newswire – Taji Ameen is a product of New York. Originally from Hell’s Kitchen, he discovered skateboarding around the turn of the century during the era when Harold Hunter was still the face of Zoo. The city infamously makes kids grow up fast. This could explain why Taji is considered an O.G. despite being just shy of 30. While it would be a stretch to say that he was on the trajectory to becoming a pro; Taji definitely got his fair share of coverage in his early teen years. But his true calling would prove to be behind the camera. Tajcam made its way from a personal YouTube channel to Vice. This is largely due to an internship that eventually matured into a staff position with the media giant roughly five years ago. Taji has worked as a camera operator and on-air talent on various projects ever since. At this point, it’s safe to say that you’ve likely seen his work. One Star Reviews has consistently racked up millions of views since it made its debut in 2018. He’s smoked weed with Waka Flocka in Amsterdam, and worked as an intern on fetish porn sets. Clearly, Taji is carrying the torch for Gonzo journalism at its most fringe. And people seem to love it. While his comedic timing is resonating with the world outside of our little bubble, Taji continues to cater to the core with Can You Skate It? It’s a nice little crossover series that can be appreciated by a wider audience. And you have to admire the fact that he’s consistently pushing skate content between all of his other projects. If you want to know more, Lee Smith delves into the method behind Taji’s madness in Episode 15 of Mission Statement. It’s definitely good for a laugh or three. Host: Lee Smith Executive Producer: Artem Gorelik Art Director: Brett Dalzell Editorial Director: Leland Ware Listen on SoundCloud: Filmed on location at: For more news, visit:

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