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Medley is Nike SB Australia’s first full length video.

It brings together a diverse and highly talented group of up and comers that are next wave of the Nike SB Australian team



Jason Rainbird

Noah Nayef

Rob Pace

Jack O’Grady

Jarrad Carlin

Sam Sutton

Hayley Wilson

Nicholas Andrewes

Dean Johnston

Corey Young

Rowan Davis

Charles Roberton

Ben Lawrie

Harry McEvoy

Riley Pavey

Raph Langslow


Brendan Gardoll

Geoff Campbell

Chris Middlebrook

Music :

Lawrence Greenwood

Art Direction:

Gabriel Cole

Additional Cinematography:

James James

Neihana Tonkin

Leigh Bolton

Colin Evans

Leo Carroll-Capp

Jon Fitzgerald

Cameron Sparkes

Dylan Bruns


Geoff Campbell

Chris Middlebrook

Produced and Directed:

Chris Middlebrook

Nike SB Australia | Medley - nikeskateboarding

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