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  • Ben Slama

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Special thanks:

Akim Dolinsky

Tomer Gabay

Reuven Rozhansky

Denis Kostyuk

Niv Kochan | Nollie FS Crooked 180 | Ben Slama

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Road To NoWhere - A skateboarding documentary | Trailer | Ben Slama

Road To NoWhere – A skateboarding documentary | Trailer | Ben Sl…

Ben Slama – SKATEBOARDING Is not a sport. THE TRICKS They’re only part of the activity. The real journey goes way beyond the sport itself. It’s our friendships, The people we met, The places we skated and the experiences we had! Skateboarding is not about landing the trick It’s about falling down and getting back up again SKATEBOARDING Is more than achieving goals and winning the contests SKATEBOARDING is a way of life. ROAD TO NOWHERE the journey is more important than the destination A documentary skateboarding film that talks about the real experience of the ride. the falls, the attempts and the success of the tricks are just a small part of the wonderful world that hides behind this little thing called skateboarding, the friends, the trips, the departure from home, getting to know new places and people that make it what it is and creating a big family and feeling indescribable, are basically what the movie is talking about A FILM BY BEN SLAMA FEATURING TOMER GABAY, REUVEN ROZHANSKY, DENIS KOSTYUK COMING SOON DECEMBER 2019 סרט סקייטבורד דוקומנטרי המדבר על החוויה האמיתית בלנסוע על ארבע גלגלים וקרש, הנפילות, הניסיונות והצלחת התרגילים הם רק חלק קטן מהעולם הניפלא שמתחבא מאחורי הדבר הקטן הזה שנקרא סקייטבורד, החברים, הטיולים, היציאה מהבית, להכיר מקומות חדשים ואנשים אחרים שמרכיבים ביחד את הדבר הזה שנקרא סקייטבורד, יוצרים משפחה גדולה והרגשה שאי אפשר לתאר, הם בעצם מה שהסרט מדבר עליו
Living Sculpture Festival | Ben Slama

Living Sculpture Festival | Ben Slama

Ben Slama – Living Sculpture Festival Every year the living sculpture festival takes place in Rehovot.The festival lasts for about three days, and artists from all over the world perform their art of the living sculptures. This year was the tenth year of the festival, and thousands of visitors from all over the country came to this event. I decided that I want to document this magical venture and show it from the point of view of a little kid. The kids see the festival as a mysterious and magical world, while adults seem to be watching at the kids as little imps who run around in the dark. When the sculpturs come to life – an inexplicable magic is created. FILM AND EDIT Ben Slama @BenSalma4 SONG The One Eyed Captain by Ian Post

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