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Legendary Santa Cruz team rider, Jason Jessee, has been a defining personality of the Santa Cruz spirit for more than 30 years. Living and skateboarding outside the conventionality, Jason’s legendary Lady of Guadalupe graphic has become an icon within skateboarding and represents a lifestyle that blurs the line between bike and car culture, tattoos, and skateboarding; a symbol of life lived beyond the confines of society. We are stoked to team up with Santa Cruz and Jason on this limited run of Time Tellers. Learn more at

Nixon x Santa Cruz - Nixon

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NIXON | Transitional | Nixon

NIXON | Transitional | Nixon

Nixon – Aside from being one of the world’s best surfers, Chippa has a lot more up his sleeve. Softly spoken and considerate. A connessiour of old cars and bikes. A collector of tattoos. A savant of the weird and beautiful, the cultured and the unadulterated. Wasted Talent recently spent some time with Chippa in New York to delve deeper into his psyche. To find what makes him tick. Why New York? Well, we thought to get to know better a man who spends 10 months a year on the road, there would be no better place to go then the city with the whole world represented inside it. We would go to New York to not surf and detach. We would go to New York to jump on a train to surf, to reattach and to be grateful of the oceans natural detox after 5 days in the city. Filmed on Location in New York, New Jersey and France
NIXON | Hunger: Not Impossible | Nixon

NIXON | Hunger: Not Impossible | Nixon

Nixon – Hunger: Not Impossible is tackling this hunger dilemma through developing a simple text base application that feeds people when and where they need it. Most recently, they have been working with Beyond Emancipation in Oakland, CA to distribute meals to teenagers who have recently left the foster system.

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