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‘Nonsense’ by Taryn Ward


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Taryn Ward is back with another rad video piece highlighting some of the best (and crustiest) that Upstate, NY has to offer.

‘Nonsense’ features the skateboarding of Anthony Ferrari, Joshua Bos, Adam Kerrick and Japhey Dow.

With Dan Knights, Evan Dow, Garrett Kelly, Adam Bos, Jake Bos, Casey Buto, Jonny Goupil, Caleb Michaloski, Julius Harpending, Nick Wnorowski, Liam Daly, Eamonn McBride, Brian Potter, Anthony Redden, Matt Goodwine, Dane Varalli, Alex Furtado, Taryn Ward, Pedro Alvarado and Jon Mueller.

Filmed & Edited by Taryn Ward, Upstate NY, 2018.


Is This Music? – Teenage Fanclub

Like a Fool – Superchunk

Oh She Deleter :( – Grandaddy

Mesmerise – Chapterhouse

Like 24 (6+1=3) – Joy Zipper

Jed the 4th – Grandaddy

Kinky Love – Pale Saints

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'Nonsense' by Taryn Ward | veganxbones

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