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Spit and Sawdust Skatepark’s Cardiff rockstar Christian Hart produced a hilarious full length video called ‘NOW: This Is What I Call Skateboarding’ released in 2012 on DVD with an amazing soundtrack and beautiful acting / miming from all involved. The full thing is finally online featuring sections from major legends such as Dylan Hughes, Caradog Emanuel, Nicky Howells, Steve King, Ben Grove, Korahn Gayle, Chris Jones, Dan Wileman, Jess Young, Mike Hellier, Josh Perrett, Dykie and whole array of skateboarders across the UK!


NOW: Thats What I Call Skateboarding - Vague Skate Mag

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Panasonic Youth - Gran Canaria | Vague Skate Mag

Panasonic Youth – Gran Canaria | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: The Panasonic Youth crew planned a well timed venture to Gran Canaria just before lockdown kicked in. A powerful crew consisting of Ben Broyd, Dead Dave, Tom O’Driscoll and Gary McNaughton got productive to produce the 7 minute clip above. The video was chopped and screwed by Zach McAdam and photos shot by Rich West for the in print article as seen in Issue 16 of the mag:
PAVILION | Vague Skate Mag

PAVILION | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Al Hodgson is at it again with another belter of a video filmed with O.W.L. (Orwellian World Landscape) Skateboards affiliates and friends in the city of Brighton and Hove. Witness 12 minutes of VX goodness above once you’ve read his interview by Jono Coote which you can see here: Pavilion features the likes of Dougie George, Harrison Woolgar, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Cal Dawson, Henry Bailey, Ash Humphrey, Jimmy Silver, James Griffiths, JP Arnold, Josh Gislingham and more.

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