Published on November 11, 2019 by
  • Remi Luciani

Filmed and edited by Rémi Luciani.

Featuring the skating of:

Ben Botta

Flo Tourdre

Blake Manning

Tabo Löchelt

Arto Bornes

Ruben Planque

Nelrick Olry

Guillaume Caraccioli

Alex Caracena

Steven Faure

Truman Bottomley

Romain Popot

Claude Levy

Etienne Gros

NTSC Episode 2 | Remi Luciani

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NTSC Episode 3 | Remi Luciani

NTSC Episode 3 | Remi Luciani

Remi Luciani – Featuring (in order of appearance) Arto Bornes Ruben Planque Alexis Greusard Ben Botta Guillaume Caraccioli Adrien Chabiron Romain Benoist Steven Faure Etienne Gros Romain Popot Sergio Cadaré Tabo Löchelt
Ben Botta NCE Solo Part | Remi Luciani

Ben Botta NCE Solo Part | Remi Luciani

Remi Luciani – Ben’s released and unreleased footage from the NCE video, re-edited in a remix format videopart. Filmed by Rémi Luciani between 2017 and 2018, mainly in southern France (Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St Raphaël and Monaco). Couple clips were shot during a trip to Paris. Soundtrack: “Solstice” – Brian Bennett from the “Voyage (A Journey into Discoid Funk) album released in 1978.

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