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In September 2014 Converse CONS and Labor Skateshop invited the crew down to New York to take part in their one day skate contest All City Showdown. The goal is to get as many clips as possible in one day, all within New York City limits.

The crew was supposed to be Kevin Coakley, Nickodem Rudzinski, and Lurker Lou, but Lou threw out his back the day before. Cape Cod homie and current team rider Brian Reid happened to be in the city for a Damn Am contest, but he bailed on the skatepark to join the crew in the streets.

The crew ended up getting 3rd place and Brian and Nick got some extra prize money for bonus radness.

Labor already put out an edit with all of the entries so we decided to do a re edit of the day. This rough edit has been lurking in our private videos, and when we went to clean it up all of the original files had gone missing. So here’s some extra rough rough cuts.


NYC All City Showdown 2014 | OrchardSkateshop

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