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Crazy to think this was 18 years ago! This ON Video premiere issue featured Mike Vallely, Tosh Townend and Bam Margera sections, an in-depth look at the career of Danny Way, and much more.

Also featuring (younger versions of) tons of your favorite skaters including: Jeremy Wray, Ed Templeton, Koston, Rowley, Bob Burnquist, Gonz, Kerry Getz, Reese Forbes, Arto, Jamie Thomas, Mike Carroll, Sheffey, Hensley and so many more.

ON Video | Summer 2000 | TransWorld SKATEboarding

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Feedback_TS | Does Ted Even Skate? | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Feedback_TS | Does Ted Even Skate? | TransWorld SKATEboarding

TransWorld Skate – Ted keeps ’em coming! Consider this a response from Ted to last week’s video. “Does this guy even skate?” Watch until the end to see for yourself.
SkateHoarders: Tony Hawk | TransWorld SKATEboarding

SkateHoarders: Tony Hawk | TransWorld SKATEboarding

TransWorld Skate – From a framed invitation to the White House to Mock cologne bottles, his fake check from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (which ended up funding the Tony Hawk Foundation), Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, The very first Birdhouse board ever made, Kiss-themed Skateboards, his Del Mar Skate Ranch membership card… the list goes on and on. Tony Hawk claims he’s not a “hoarder” by definition—and to a fault admits he’s probably given away too many of his belongings over the years (trophies, boards, etc.) but he definitely has his fair share of collectibles, knick-knacks, old boards and plenty of items with stories behind them that branch out far beyond skateboarding sitting around his office. Thanks for letting us lurk through your stuff, Tony!

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