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Back in 2019, Willis Kimbel rounded up a crew jumped on the road through Eastern Oregon hitting abandoned highway passes, dirt tracks, and savage crete on his trusty 75mm Thunder Juice.

Stuck in Feb after a bag of a year, we figured it was the right time to jump in archives and hit you with a postcard of terrain blazin’ through Oregon. Press that play button and then start planning your summer mission.

Filmed by: Elias Parise, Tyson Vassar, Lorenzo Martinez

Edited by: Elias Parise

Band Name: The SM Project

Track: “The Color of Peace”


What’s the deal with Thunder Juice? Big, soft, and fast, this extra grande version of our classic Hot Juice series guarantees face-melting speeds and a super smooth roll on the roughest of spots. Forget about pushing and just hold on for the ride, Thunder Juice will do the rest. | #OJWheels​

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Oregon Summer Postcard: THUNDER Juicin' With Willis Kimbel & Crew | OJ Wheels | OJ Wheels

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