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  • David Duesterberg

Permission was shot entirely on 16mm film short ends of various stocks, using a Krasnogorsk-3 Russian wind-up camera.

The film was shot over several years, and many trips down to Fresno in an attempt to document how some motivated individuals in the midst of a disastrous drought and struggling economy have caused the pool skating scene to thrive.


Brad McClain

Kevin Kowalski

Josh Mattson

Mason Merlino

Chris Russel

Ben Rayborn

Dan Stempson

Willis Kimbel

Nick Peterson

Josh “Skreech” Sandoval

Brandon Bohle

Jeremy Tuffli

Jojo Heffington

Aaron Wical

Lance Mountain

Chris Henderson

Julz Lynn

Theo Vanbruggen

Justin Felix

Ryan Johnson


Max Holbein

Lucas Davenport

Roger Mihalko

Devin Scott



With an original score by Johnny Manak

PERMISSION | David Duesterberg

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