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Phone flip off the Eiffel Tower. and uther stuff.






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Bonjour! I am currently vlogging at this very moment. It is currently 3:34 pm and we are about to go street skating. I had a wonderful breakfast today that included Risoto, calamari, and fish soup. jaime had a Panini. Last night i got bit by mosquito several. I am very mad at him for doing that. It’s crazy how much those bites make you want to scratch, it kind of feels like a drug. The crazy thing is that I kinda like it. I can’t stop scratching it. HIS NAME WAS ARNY, THERE, ARNY…WAS HIS NAME. Okay now the camera is off and we can get real personal. I want to give a shoutout to all my people out there with some degree of social anxiety who wish they could be more social. I’ll talk more about it in the next botdss. Cheers.



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FRUIT LOOP | Chris Chann

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