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#PHXAM2019 Finals were heavy! Here’s a quick recap the day, visit for full results! We’d like to Thank everyone for coming out to show their support & our sponsors Vans, Real Skateboards, Happy Hour Shades, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, Pro-Tec, Independent, Thrasher, And RedBull. Full length edits coming soon! Filmed by Joseph Nicolaus, Eric Danescu and edited by Tim Vasquez.

#PHXAM 2019 Finals Quick Recap | Cowtown Skateboards

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Cowtown Skateboards 'TRUE GRIT' | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards ‘TRUE GRIT’ | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards – ‘TRUE GRIT’ is a full length Cowtown skate video, filmed and edited by Tim Vasquez. Featuring Danny Barrera, Andrew Forrest, Zach Jordan, CJ Bartlett, Donovan Nearing, Adrian Ortega, Michael Eddy, Miles Canevello & many more!
Cowtown's Go Skate Day 2019 | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown’s Go Skate Day 2019 | Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards – Cowtown’s Go Skate Day 2019, Presented by Emerica, The goal is always to outdo the year before, it’s gettin’ hard, but thanks to the help of our sponsors it can be done! What made this year so special? Well for starters we got permission to skate Margaret T. Hance Park – or as we all know it – DECK PARK. Cops were givin’ props to kids for landing tricks instead of tickets! What a sight to behold. Mike Pringle, Auttiesh Danger & Conor Holliday ran the mic and passed out cash during mini ‘Best Trick’ jams. DJ Kate Scratch Fever supplied the tunes, Molly Water kept us hydrated, Leo Romero and Jon Dickson talked with the kids between skating. Everyone then ate pizza and jumped down the 11 stair. It looked like a 90’s slam section but tricks went down nonetheless. If the cash from Best Trick wasn’t enough, the crew found kids with the worst shoes and hooked em up with new ones. That was only the first two hours. After the Deck Park session – everyone hopped on their boards and skated to The PressRoom for the After Party presented by Brixton. ‘Secret Band’ got the crowd started, then a special donation was made by ‘Timeless’, 5k towards the new Downtown skatepark. With that came the introduction to the ‘High Risings’ video premiere, a short flick by GOLD QUEST (Shout out to Derek Hoholik). Video wrapped, curtains rose and there’s local band ‘PLAYBOY MANBABY’ ready to party. Their set kicked our ass for about 35 minutes but it still ain’t over. That’s right, what everyone was waiting for… The gigantic product toss! We thought the mash pits earlier were heavy, imagine the music still going and boxes upon boxes of product being tossed out at the same time! If you were there you don’t have to imagine it ‘cause it happened and if your imagination is fried there’s video to help you out too. Huge thanks to Emerica, Brixton, Timeless, Thunder Trucks, Molly Water, Gold Quest, Deathwish, Playboy Manbaby and everyone that made it out to show their support. Wouldn’t be possible without you! Film and Edit by Tim Vasquez. Music by Playboy Manbaby.

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