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What has changed the most in skating for me? “The Yard” is the perfect example. In the past it was a skate spot where you had all the space you wanted with a street type of feeling; there was no one there except your friends and some junkies. Now in 2018, “The Yard” is back but it has been transformed into a skatepark “The Yard 2.0”, a place with rules and lots of guests that are “hanging out” but who really have no function at a skatepark. I a way it is a bit like all the other parks now.

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John Dahlquist – Raw Files. | Place Skateboard Culture

John is 42 since today and even though he is up there he still going strong! the Swedish schoolmaster responsible for a seemingly unending pool of Malmö bred or Bryggeriet molded talent is not slowing down yet. He spent last summer showing by doing instead of telling people, John is a teacher we all wished we had. Footage courtesy of David Lindberg & SkateMalmöCast: Place Skateboard Culture
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About 2 months ago we got a DM it was from a guy we know called @kuyt3000. We had met him in Düsseldorf during skate week but had previous knowledge of him through our doings with the Europe Co. his message read as follows: Hey, my friend Leon just told me in the train that he would really like it if you would host his video after the premiere. And since he is asking I thought I would ask you guys because the connect is there YO! Needless to say, I asked if he could put me in touch with Leon and we would take it from there. The rest was easy, the video was sent, watched by us and we uploaded the video files. We then asked Leon what he wanted people to know about the video and he sent us in response: I moved to Düsseldorf in December of 2017, this footage was filmed in the 12 months after my move. I filmed in the gist of the video in Düsseldorf & Aachen but we also went to Cologne and the rest of the Ruhr valley :-). we guess he is right the rest is just a formality. Press play and enjoy the video!Cast: Place Skateboard Culture

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