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    What has changed the most in skating for me? “The Yard” is the perfect example. In the past it was a skate spot where you had all the space you wanted with a street type of feeling; there was no one there except your friends and some junkies. Now in 2018, “The Yard” is back but it has been transformed into a skatepark “The Yard 2.0”, a place with rules and lots of guests that are “hanging out” but who really have no function at a skatepark. I a way it is a bit like all the other parks now.

    Cast: Place Skateboard Culture

Place presents - KOM MAL | Place Skateboard Culture

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Place Presents - Harlekin Berlin | Place Skateboard Culture

Place Presents – Harlekin Berlin | Place Skateboard Culture

Denny Pham, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Peter Buikema, Leo Preisinger and myself find ourselves driving around Berlin in a VW Harlekin wearing the Janoski Harlekin, we are putting both through the wringer for the next 2,5 days. We didn’t do that alone, of course, we invited some Nike riders and Berlin locals to test it with us along the way. To be honest the car has had a bit more mileage than the shoe but both held up quite well during our time even though Leo had his doubts about the car. Thank you for the support Skatedeluxe and Nike SB.Cast: Place Skateboard Culture

vans weartest DEF | Place Skateboard Culture

Cast: Place Skateboard Culture

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