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Herzlich Willkommen to the video that goes with PLACE YOUR FLAG a special issue of Place Skateboard Culture (in stores now). This project is special not only because it deviates from our “regular” numbered editions in size, because it has animation or the number of pages but because somebody proposed it to us.

You see, normally our we come up with the ideas but this time the credit for the “start schuss” has to go to Moritz Alte. Moritz or Mo came to us because he felt we needed to do something that included Vans team rider, Julian Ruhe.

After a short pitch, he presented us with a plan, which we then together finetuned into the thing you hold today. A series of papers with ink on it about young people, leaving their “Heimat” and finding their place in Berlin.

us spots and fewer distractions all around by open airs, protests, and kick-outs because winter is mostly about staying indoors.

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Special thanks go out to Vans “OFF THE WALL” for supporting this project.

Place Presents: Place Your Flag | Place Skateboard Culture

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