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It wasn’t the first time that Converse decided to help the Berlin Skateboarding scene with an indoor facility during those dark days of the Winter. Meet “Push Berlin” – a project in cooperation with Converse.

In this video, a few Converse CONS ambassadors took a look at the park to show you around, which ended up in a session for everybody.

Featuring.: Danny Sommerfeld, Daniel Pannemann, Vladik Scholz, Jonas Hess & more.

A little bit about the project:

On the 05th of November 2019, we proudly kicked off our first Tuesday of many to come of skating at the famous YAAM Berlin location. For a lot of people from Berlin, it was a flashback since the location for the longest time had a mini ramp that had to be removed a few years back.

YAAM short for Young African Art Market started 25 years ago as a place where the different African communities meet. The conceptual environment at the Spree has a big heritage in hip hop, graffiti, and skateboarding and became a place to connect with all the different parts of the city. Converse now partnered with YAAM to create skate sessions inside the music venue every first Tuesday of the month and we are happy to be hosting these. Together with Civilist Berlin and Give Something Back To Berlin we will be presenting various activities and sessions for the next few months.

The space will also host a group of young people from marginalized communities being taught how to skate and discover the culture and lifestyle that goes with it and at 17:00 we will go into an open session for everyone to join.

Read more about it here:

Place Presents: Push Berlin - A Converse Skate Space | Place Skateboard Culture

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