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You don’t have to watch this video, but we think you should because it’s got one guy doing a blunt on a rooftop mini, tasteful special effects, and more than one good-ass kickflip.

“Possibly Maybe” is an edit of the Converse Brazilian team in São Paulo, all filmed and edited by a mastermind known as Hernando “Ñaño” Ramirez.

Ñaño runs a brand called Asco, where he makes the standard shirts and hats, but also these neat collar-less polos (didn’t know that was a thing) and women’s swimwear. If you like cool and fun shit, you’ll probably like the stuff coming from Asco.

So watch “Possibly Maybe” above, read more about Ñaño and Asco below, then scroll down to the comments and complain about how this video looks too much like a Palace edit, because all skateboarding is 100% original and no two people can ever have their own take on a similar technique.


"Possibly Maybe" - A Cons Brazil VHS Edit | jenkemmag

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