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This is the first of the famous Bones Brigade Videos. It was filmed at the beginning of the 1980s skateboard boom and was intended to show new skaters what had been going on in the sport during and after the 1979-1983 dark ages when very few skaters remained loyal to the sport.

BBV1 features ramps, pools, parks, streets, ditches, freestyle, downhill, super slo mo, “new moves” and an original soundtrack. Some of the best skate songs are in this video. Skate and Destroy by The Faction, Mr. Mysterioso, Skateboard Blues, Bones Brigade Shuffle, with Johnny Rad!

Featuring Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Stedham, Per Welinder, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Mike McGIll, Stacy Peralta, Todd Hastings, Chris Iverson and more…

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CH. 1 Introduction 0:58

CH. 2 Pool Session 3:17

CH. 3 Venice Beach 5:47

CH. 4 Ditch Session 7:55

CH. 5 Rodney Mullen 10:57

CH. 6 Tony Hawk 14:00

CH. 7 Downhill Slide 19:24

CH. 8 Mountain Manor 21:57

CH. 9 Amazing Mullen 27:27

CH.10 Contests 29:30

CH.11 Broken Bones Brigade 31:51

CH. 12 Extras 32:49

CH. 13 Credits 35:01


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