Published on February 12, 2021 by
  • Powell Peralta

Produced by:

George Powell

Stacy Peralta

Bucky Lasek

Billy Bakker

Edited by:

John W. Oliver


Stacy Peralta

John W. Oliver

Deville Nunes

Dale Decker

Footage Provided by:

Powell Peralta



Joe Krolick

Robert Katilla

Craig Stecyk

Jim Fitzpatrick

Tony Hawk

Scott Taylor

Jono Sinclair

Matt Henry

Sky Ramirez

Jordan Huffman


Jim Knight

Grant Brittian

Music provided by:

“The Reeperbahn”

Performed by Spider

From the Energy Gone Wrong EP


“Energy Gone Wrong”

Performed by Spider

From the Energy Gone Wrong EP



Performed by Last Point

From the A Beaten Path EP

Courtesy of Matt Glasgow

“S#!t Breath”

Performed by Up Your Guts

From the Just The Tip EP

Courtesy of Jeb Boudet

“Tribute to the Jester”

Performed by Rich Kids On LSD

From the Reactivate EP

Courtesy of Chris Rest

Thank You:

Tony Hawk

Steve Caballero

Jeff Kendall

Chris Miller

Mike Vallely

Danny Way

Rob Washburn

Colin McKay

Ray Underhill

Sean Mortimer

Powell Peralta Skateboard Stories Presents: Bucky Lasek | Powell Peralta

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