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Last March we went to Tokyo for a week to premiere SuperMix and skate when it wasn’t raining. We had the best time ever in Japan! Thanks to all the Tokyo homies and hopefully we’ll be back soon.

Video by @janchai

Music by @OPSB_music – Night Rain

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#PreduceSuperMix Japan! - preduce skateboards

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Preduce Skateboards, "SuperMix" (2018) - preduce skateboards

Preduce Skateboards, "SuperMix" (2018) – preduce skate…

preduce skateboards – ชมวีดีโอพรีดิ้วซ์ “ซุปเปอร์มิ๊กซ์” ได้แล้ว! SuperMix, a video by Preduce skateboards Directed and filmed by Janchai Montrelerdrasme Featuring: Jasper Dohrs Geng Jakkarin Joseph Sirinut Aod Suriyan Fifa Tintan Lert Saeri Tao Kitpullap Absar Lebeh Kyle Brown Demit Cuevas Levi Adams
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SuperMix interview with the Preduce team – preduce skateboards

preduce skateboards – Preduce skateboards 6th video “SuperMix” is dropping online this week! While you wait, get to know the Preduce team in this interview where they discuss filming for the SuperMix video, skateboarding and more! Stay tuned!

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