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Musk is a homie video of young kids doing big things out of San Diego. Created by Kyle Geldert, Musk doesn’t feel like your typical cookie cutter SoCal video thanks to the support and direction from New York OG Sean Kelling and his new shop Rose Street Skateshop.

Video by: Kyle Geldert

Skaters in Order of Appearance:

Curran Stagg

Cruise Mosberg

Gavin Bottger

Masaki Hongo

Justice Lora

Kyle Geldert

Jake Hofmann

Brennen Babcock

Marcel Polechonski

Jack Glancy

Will Loedel

Wade Berner

Kenny Schmit

Mikey Coffey

Joe Martino

Miles Lawrence

Toby Ryan

Christian Marquardt


Parker Gilliland

Charlie Arrerio


Chase Cruz

James Gaehner

Nick Rapoza

Wesley Banford

Evan Gange

Nick Hall

Nick Suarez

Jordan Thrower

Carlos Barragan

Nic Depies

Noah Fayyazuddin

Jake Braun

PREMIERE: "MUSK" by Kyle Geldert | jenkemmag

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