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As an elderly (over 18 y/o?) skateboarder, it can be hard to appreciate videos made by and starring teens and pre-teens. Besides the inescapable envy for a time before foam rollers and stretching, and the fact that many are cringingly amateurish, these kids’ videos are usually only enjoyable to fellow children.

If you’re more “in tune” with the youth you may already know Jackson Zeuner as Brighton Zeuner’s brother (and if you’re a real fanatic, you may have watched him on Woodward TV ), but regardless, this video is filmed and edited way better than anything you’d expect from a teenager.

Together, these three parts — from Dylan Jaeb, Evan Doherty, and Toby Ryan — offer a nice array of street and vert footage, with at least one clip where a kid skates a handrail that’s as tall as himself. Hopefully, this finally gets you amped enough to go out and try that slappy trick you’ve been overthinking for six months.

Video by: Jackson Zeuner

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