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Process-Billy Hoogendijk bs nosebluntslide - Homemade Skateboards

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Urban Yoga | Homemade Skateboards

Urban Yoga | Homemade Skateboards

Homemade Skateboards – A few footy from riders and friends Music: “Ragnar” instrumental by Patee Gee & BNZ iTunes:
HOMEMADE 1 (2004) FULL VIDEO [HQ] - Homemade Skateboards

HOMEMADE 1 (2004) FULL VIDEO [HQ] – Homemade Skateboards

Homemade Skateboards – A Belgian skateboard video from 2004 Featuring:Thibault Lenaerts & Gregory Bomboko (1:18),Fabian Verhaeghe+Jelle Deschout (7:37),David Martelleur (13:20),Geoffrey Van Hove (16:39),Thomas Marchal (21:18),Lionel Krop & David Amram (22:08),Hans Claessens & Serge Gooskens (25:27) & many others! Filmed and edited by Olivier Vaessen et Geoffrey Van Hove Musics: Thibault Lenaerts & Gregory Bomboko:”hip hop loopie”by FRANK’S Playground:”tears”by ZACCHARIA Fabian Verhaeghe+Jelle Deschout:”Artificials”&”Propaganda”by MEANSTREET Stoemp#1:”lefto beats”by DJ LEFTO David Martelleur:”why can t i run away”by DOWN BUT NOT OUT No pain… no gain:”misunderstanding”by RUN-AMUCK Geoffrey Van Hove:”fading away”by 10000 WOMEN MAN Stoemp#2:”all for one”by NERVOUS CHILLIN’ Thomas Marchal:”cobra”by FAT BIRD Lionel Krop & David Amram:”aspearyne”by MR. MEDOC Hans Claessens & Serge Gooskens:”it s alive”by FIFTY FOOT COMBO/”laora’s kiss”by ZACCHARIA Outro:””moking birds”by THE MONKINGBIRDS

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