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Independent skateboard companies are the backbone of skateboarding; they’re born, they grow, and they keep the local scene alive. They’re made up of people who skate and live for skateboarding, and they will always be here because their main ingredient is passion, not making money.

Running a skateboard company is one of the best things ever, but you must love skateboarding insanely to make it work in the long run.

We have decided to pay homage to four true Italian skateboard companies that have been doing things with passion, professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm for over 10 years.

QUATTRO means “four” in Italian, and the idea behind this project was to visit each of their cities to find out about their history, to explore the places and the context within which they were born and have evolved, to find out about the background that has influenced them and has shaped their image, and to skate their home spots, shooting photos and filming for a video edit.

Seven days for each team.

El Santo, Dumb, FVTVRA, Plazaboards: four companies, four scenes, four weeks, and four different, fantastic stories.

Welcome to QUATTRO.


El Santo Skateboards.

Filming: Federico Incarbone. Editing: Tommaso Parise.
Music: Paper Paper.

Starring: Mattia Turco, Daniele Galli, Marco Iaria, Edo Maule, Lorenzo Ubino, Luca Crestani, Mario Marinelli.

Dumb Skateboards.

Filming & editing: Simone Verona & Gio’ Grazzani. Graphic animation: Canedicoda..
Music: Firebrand -Kevin MacLeod – Lipid Nctrnm.

Starring: Giovanni Graziani, Raffaele Pola, Tom Derichs, Matteo Carmagnini, Chicco Di Paolo, Alessio Zanfei, Simone Verona.

FVTVRA Skateboards.

Filming: G. Bianchi, M. Bod, Luca Basilico, Bobelgom. Editing: M. Bod.
Music: Milano Calibro Nove O.S.T. by Osanna – Antipop Consortium (Volcano Four Tet Remix) – Sean Price & M.F. Doom Negus.

Starring: Filippo Cilia, Kevin Duman, Ciko, Fabio Montagner, Luca Basilico, Andrea Marangoni, Ale Mari, Manneschi, Cise, Davide Rossano.


Filming: Sergio Portillo, Mario Torre, Ale Benedetti, Efram Sapienza. Editing: Sergio Pontillo & Mario Torre.
Music: Laurie Holiday / Gino – Inner City / Good Life.

Starring: Pietro Bontà, Efram Sapienza, Sergio Pontillo, Ale Benedetti, Mattia Marangon, Alfredo D’Amico, Gianluca D’Esposito.


Graphic Design: M. Bod.

QUATTRO is an a brief glance skateboardmag’s project.

Thanks to Vans Italy for the support.

Cast: a brief glance

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QUATTRO. - a brief glance

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