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If two Berlin Skateboard Teams meet each other in the city of love to discover les arrondissements and quartiers of Paris, an alliance of a very special nature will form.

With Radio Skateboards represented by their riders Malte Spitz, Phillip Oehmige, Collin McLean alongside French team mate Bastien Marlin, and Team Iriedaily consisting of Roland Hirsch, Steve Forstner, Konstantin Rutschmann and the dangerous all rounder Valeri Rosomako standing strong for both teams, two of the longest operating skateboard teams from Berlin embarked on a trip to the French capital.

Paris has the finest surfaces in the world that a skateboarder could wish for: the smoothest streets and lowered curbsides at every pedestrian crossing which offer skateboarders an invitation to explore the city and get a real taste of the Parisian way of life.

In search of well known as well as some less renowned spots, the collective rolled through the narrow alleys of Montmartre and took the downhill ride to Gare du Nord and the world famous Notre Dame cathedral. Team Iriedaily’s speciality is finding creative spots and so, keeping an eye out on their way through the banlieues, they went to explore the courtyards and industrial areas of the city.

The Radios always had a trick up their sleeves at plazas such as Le Dome, the Bastille or Place de la Republique. With 7 plys beneath their feet they discovered the whole of Paris. From Chinatown via the Arc de Triomphe, to the newly built business district of La Defense and back to the Eiffel Tower and finally for a session on the banks of the Seine river, the two teams let the day roll by.

At the end of this journey two teams became one. From two cities came one love. Berlin Paris Amour.

The Radio X Iriedaily Collection hits the stores in 26 of March 2018.

Camera: Kelvin Malwal

Camera & Edit: Sam Schulze

Music: Adsum One

radio x IRIEDAILY Berlin Amour Paris Collab Collection 2018 - iriedailyBERLIN

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iriedailyBERLIN – Video & Edit: Sam Schulze Additional Filming: Fleischer Photos: Henrik Biemer Music: “Now or Never” The Zombie Dandies (under a CC license) “Atab” Cheb Obeid/AirOne Remix –
Iriedaily Spring/Summer 2020 | iriedailyBERLIN

Iriedaily Spring/Summer 2020 | iriedailyBERLIN

iriedailyBERLIN – Film/Edit: Dennis Hardt ( )

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