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  • FTC Barcelona

Some clips from our trip to Japan for new Osaka FTC opening.

Guys skating in video: Pedro Attenborough, Pierre Leze, Laurence Keefe, Ryuhei Kitazume, Hiroki Muraoka, Brayan Albarenga, Mikel Vidal, Julio Arnau.

recap #3 march 2020 | FTC Barcelona

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Dani not da boig | FTC Barcelona

Dani not da boig | FTC Barcelona

FTC Barcelona – Dani has been working on this one since last year, Covid-19 did not help with it, but finally after the lockdown he finished it. Filmed and edited by Raphael Henriques. Gracias Cabesa!!! Muchas gracias Dani, great job tíos!!! Check DA BOIG on youtube! Song “50:50” by Sad Lovers & Giants
#4 after lockdown clips | FTC Barcelona

#4 after lockdown clips | FTC Barcelona

FTC Barcelona – Last 4 weeks right after lockdown was over! FTCBARCELONA.COM

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