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Phoenix. It’s in Arizona, a place you typically associate with wide open desert landscapes, and heat…lots of it—Valley of the Sun kind of stuff. Not in mid-February 2019, though. In fact, it rained nonstop from morning to night, and just north in Flagstaff, they saw the highest amount of snowfall in recorded history. Yeah, in history!

The point here is that those wild conditions created the perfect scenario for people to want to come out in droves and spend some time inside at an amazing art show with a couple hundred of their closest friends at the Adidas Showcase event at Legacy City Studios downtown. DJ Katy Mason kept the vibe alive throughout the night and Anarbor put on an awesome performance to a crowd full of local fans, new and old.

We love the Showcase program and no matter where Adidas Skateboarding decides to take the show, the talent comes out and they deliver the goods. Local artists Andrew Riffle, Brandon Roggeman, Toybox Monster, Steven Salazar, Justin Modica, Tino Rincon, Clay Halling, Jesse Plumb, Tess Mallory, Alex Brand, Josh Hawkins, JJ Horner, and Taylor Rae did an amazing job illustrating the diversity and range of creativity going on in the Phoenix scene.

Thanks to Tim Vasquez for the video edit and thanks to Cowtown Skateshop and Sidewalk Surfer AZ for the support.

Make sure you follow #adidasshowcase on Instagram and go check out the Showcase when they come to your city!

Recap: the Adidas Showcase Takes Over Phoenix | Juxtapoz Magazine

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