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This one’s a quick review of the process of registration, the pros and cons of pre-registration, and more.

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About this Series:

Before we started The Boardr years ago, we ran events with Skatepark of Tampa for nearly two decades. We’re still trying to improve everything we’re doing, including evolving along with skateboarding and staying true to core values.

We took some time to document everything from our playbook for a successful event in hopes that you or your organization can throw some fun and organized skateboarding events of your own. Whether large or small, existing or something you’re planning for the future, we hope this detailed series covering all the major topics of running a skateboarding contest helps.

If you have any questions or want our help in making your skateboarding event as professional and fun as it can be, hit us up at [email protected]

Registration and Check-In: How to Run a Skateboarding Event | TheBoardr

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