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There’s no one quite like Mick Fanning. A 3x World Champion. A man of the people. The myth. The legend. The fair dinkum Aussie bloke. Michael Eugene Fanning.

In honour of Mick, and as a highly productive way to spend this newfound spare time that many of us have, Rip Curl is proud to present…. Mick Week.

Throughout the coming week we’ll be gifting you some of Mick’s greatest hits – old and new, well viewed and never-before-seen. With a new episode dropping each day at 1pm, you’ll have more than just breaking news to look forward to each day…

So lock the door, shut the blinds and keep the surf stoke alive with your daily dose of some of Mick Fanning’s greatest hits, in the limited-time-only digital event, Rip Curl Presents: Mick Week.

Rip Curl Presents: Mick Fanning Week | Rip Curl

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Limited Edition E-Bomb E7 | Wetsuits by Rip Curl | Rip Curl

Limited Edition E-Bomb E7 | Wetsuits by Rip Curl | Rip Curl

Rip Curl – The Limited Edition E7 E-Bomb is the latest in a long line of world’s first in wetsuit technology by Rip Curl… Designed and tested by our stable of WSL world champions Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright and Gabriel Medina the E7 E-Bomb promises ultimate stretch, performance, warmth and comfort by combining all of Rip Curl’s best technology making it the number one performance wetsuit in the world. The all-new E7 neoprene has 25 % more stretch and is 10% lighter than E6, and is inserted into an unrestricted, seamless, one-piece upper body panel. The new body block offers unparalleled stretch from wrist to wrist making paddling easier. Under the arms the strategically designed Torpedo Gusset increases both fit and comfort during and makes paddling easier than ever before. It’s also light as a feather and like butter getting in and out of the zip free entry construction. The body of the suit below the chest features E6 super stretch neoprene and is thermo lined internally for warmth where it counts. Available in 3/2mm or 4/3mm the E7 E-Bomb is our lightest, stretchiest wetsuit ever.
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The Makings of a 2x World Champion, Tyler Wright | 2017, North Shore H…

Rip Curl – In late 2017 Tyler Wright paddled out in a solid North Shore swell, powering through tube after tube, all whilst wearing a knee brace to support a ruptured ligament. This was her training ground, or rehab, just days before the event that would decide the 2017 Women’s World Title. The event that would make Tyler a 2x World Surfing Champion. This particular day, Tyler flicked us a quick, cheeky grin before focus filled her face and she paddled out. With the knee brace secured and her game face on, it was clear in this particular training session that Tyler was ready to go. Ready to win, and that she did. The very next week Tyler Wright became the 2x World Surfing Champion. #GoTyler.

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