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2019 was time for the 10th annual skate tour of the Rozkurwiel Crew from Poland. Did we believe we gonna organize such trips for so long? I don’t think so. What’s more, we are not planning on slowing down. So maybe I should start with a short summary of all tours that we did? No. Who cares anyway? Let’s go straight to the point – Tour X! For a quick introduction, who was in the bus? We got old road dogs: Kwiatek (main driver), Strejli, Kuba (cameraman), Mojżo, Bączek but also some “not so often” tour guys like Moro (main photographer), Mały (who arrived from Norway just for a tour) and rookie Kalmar (first time in our bus). Of course myself- Kobi hit the road as well. I will not mention any names to often but I just wanted to let you know. So nine stinky guys in a rented bus. Here we go!

Berlin • Hannover • Haderslev • Kopenhaga • Malmö • Sztokholm • Bromölla

ROZKURWIEL TOUR X | ConfusionMagazine

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