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runescape girl

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Runescape Girl | Chris Chann

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christopherchann – Social distance boxing, sewing sock pants, Andys quitting soda progress. my split progress. And a big messy mess in my housy. ig: chrischann tiktok: @chrischann real life: Christopher Michael chann @ohandy97 @shaunrodriguez @donjbeat @Seth.warren @Zander Gabriel soobscribe: bottom of the description society: dammmmmn! two botdss in a row! I’m sitting on my bed it is 7:46pm. This is one of those videos that I’ll look back on and remember I had a legitimately great time filming. Definitely lots of cringing as well but it’s all worth it. Andy sitting in front of me watching tiktok videos, he’s about to leave for West Virginia for 10 days. and I just bought a flight to Alabama in early march. Never been there, very excited. I’m looking forward to reading your advice about how to properly cuddle. There has to be more people out there that feel this way lol. On a side note I just had this thought. You ever wonder how you would act if people’s perception of you wasn’t a thing? Like if there were no such concept. How would you act? Like if it was you and just a bunch of robots I guess. would you be nice or mean to the robots? It’s kind of a stupid thought but I just got lost in thought about perception. Anyways, I’ll end this journal entry by telling you get off autopilot, put on your favorite song that motivates you right now, and think about the thing you want to pursue in life. Just start! who cares if it sucks, forget what people think, YOU GOT THIS. Much love always, Chris.
Don't Tell My Mom | Chris Chann

Don’t Tell My Mom | Chris Chann

christopherchann – hello and thank you for your continued support Ily instagram: @chrischann tiktok:@chrischann friends: @heimanareynolds @ohandy97 @unbeaten Thanks Proper Ride Shop for letting us skate :) soobscribe: bottom of the description secret society yooooo, damn you still here? that’s loyalty. Welcome back after a very long drought of botdss. I’m sitting here, Andy’s on my bed reading the comments. Shaun’s playing fortnite. This video and the last were purely for myself to look back and remember a good time. I know I’ll miss it one day. I Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. I hope you are having a terrific day, I hope you achieve everything you ever want in life. Just remember, if you don’t quit, you can’t fail. I hope to see you in the next botdss. Much Much Much Love and forever grateful. -Channzy

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