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Q&A is a chance to sit down with RVCA advocates & get a behind-the-scenes look into their lives. In this episode, Julian Davidson talks about what a typical day looks like, as well as getting sponsored by RVCA at a young age, traveling all over the world and recently moving to Costa Mesa, CA.

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RVCA SKATE – Designed by Kevin “Spanky” Long and inspired by some of his favorite classic styles and thrift store finds. Bringing his art and creativity to life in a signature collection that includes everything from a jacket, pants, wovens and knits to vintage style tees with original artwork by Spanky himself. Shop the collection: Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA – Instagram || @RVCA – Facebook || @RVCA – Follow RVCA Skate Instagram || @RVCASKATE –


Sydney based RVCA Advocates Mike Mieruzsynski and Sid Tapia created and contributed artwork to a new collection in partnership with their shop sponsor, and our good friends, UPS Store! As the collection itself celebrates Sid, Mike and UPS Store owner Daniel Farrell’s connection to their hometown of Sydney, Australia, it only made sense to film a clip there! RVCA advocates Sean Ryan and Floyd Scott, join Mike, Sid, Daniel, and their team mates from UPS Store for two weeks of night prowling and skateboarding in & around Sydney’s CBD! Featuring; Charles Robinson Jae Oveton, Corey Young, Karl Doorman, Jesse Cole and Paul Ling Filmed & Edited by Cameron Sparkes Additional Filming by George KousoulisCast: RVCA

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