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RVCA Skate advocates Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Evan Mock, Greyson Fletcher, Zach Allen, Curren Caples, Malakai Montes, spend a week on the North Shore of Oahu for our annual RVCAloha takeover.

Video by Brandon Jensen

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RVCALOHA 2019 | Skate Recap | rvca

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RVCALOHA 2019 | Hosoi Hammerhead Art Show | rvca

RVCALOHA 2019 | Hosoi Hammerhead Art Show | rvca

RVCA SKATE – The main event of RVCAloha 2019 took place December 4th and was a night to remember. The evening’s exhibition, entitled ‘The #HammerheadShow’, was a unique exhibition showcasing of artwork dedicated to Christian Hosoi, inspired by his long legacy in skateboarding and the original Hammerhead deck painted by Keith Haring for Christian back in 1986. The show featured over 50 artists from around the world, ranging from close friends of the legendary skateboarder, to those who idolized him and his iconic style from afar. Replicas of the original hammerhead deck were provided to each artist to paint and each was hung along with an accompanying canvas, to create a one of a kind collection and art show. Proceeds from the purchase of each work will be donated to charitable causes of the artists’ and Christian’s choice. Learn More – Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA – Instagram || @RVCA – Facebook || @RVCA –
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Kevin "Spanky" Long Collection | rvca

RVCA SKATE – Designed by Kevin “Spanky” Long and inspired by some of his favorite classic styles and thrift store finds. Bringing his art and creativity to life in a signature collection that includes everything from a jacket, pants, wovens and knits to vintage style tees with original artwork by Spanky himself. Shop the collection: Follow RVCA YouTube || RVCA – Instagram || @RVCA – Facebook || @RVCA – Follow RVCA Skate Instagram || @RVCASKATE –

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