Published on September 14, 2021 by
  • Frog Skateboards

filmed by Daniel Dent, Jonathan Flechas, Jared Sherbert, Delone Bone, Robert Blazek, and Daniel Wheatley.

secret video | Frog Skateboards

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P park | Frog Skateboards

P park | Frog Skateboards

Frog Skateboards – IGTV stretched my viddd out, Please enjoy it in it’s full squished* format just as sir Daniel Dent intended it. Nick Michel, Krazy Frankie, Jesse Alba, Gabe Thompson, Cooper Winterson, and K-Burkles.
Taco Skatepark | Frog Skateboards

Taco Skatepark | Frog Skateboards

Frog Skateboards – video by daniel dent.

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